The Beauty of Iceland – The Making of the New Workshop Calendar

Photo shooting in front of impressive natural scenery

From stretches of lava fields and cascading waterfalls to steaming geysers and majestic glaciers: hardly any other country illustrates the contrast between man and nature more clearly than Iceland. As a result, the idea of presenting the models for the new febi workshop calendar in this inhospitable setting was particularly appealing.

In the upcoming issue, which will again be sent exclusively to independent workshops and febi customers around the globe in the fall, the landscape will have a greater spotlight than in any other, previous calendar. This is no surprise as Iceland offers numerous spectacular, picturesque photo motifs – from the Vatnajökull glacier to mossy lava landscapes and impressive waterfalls.

Sharing Locations with James Bond and Game of Thrones

In order to reach these sometimes very remote destinations, the 10-member production crew travelled approximately 2,000 km across the entire island. Thousands of photos were taken at 22 various locations, but only the best 12 made the cut to be featured in the finished calendar.

A portion of these highlighted images also share locations with renowned films and shows. Examples of such include the title motif which was shot in a cove where Pierce Brosnan also appeared as James Bond in front of the camera. Another location that may be familiar to pop culture fans can be seen in the October scene: a waterfall utilized in the hit series Game of Thrones.

While the scenery is stunning and noteworthy, the models deserve proper credit for their contributions to the shoot. Not only were they faced with the task of meeting the demands of the photo shoot, they were also consistently working in temperatures ranging between 3 and 6°C and with the added element of rain and wind. Regardless of the harsh conditions, the models met the challenge with steadfast dedication and produced fantastic results with which the production team is more than grateful for.

The Raw Forces of Nature

Through it all, all efforts have paid off. The 19th edition of the febi workshop calendar combines beauty and raw forces of nature. Once again, the makers have succeeded in creating a genuinely eye-catching calendar.