“I had to fight harder than ever before” – Review of the Season by Steffi Halm

Steffi Halm drove to the podium in Zolder.

The 2019 truck racing season is now over. In a recent interview, racing driver Steffi Halm summarizes her personal experiences from the season.

How satisfied are you with the season’s results?

I finished fourth this season in the drivers’ standings and thus improved by two places when compared to last year. My goal was to be in the top three, but it was also the best result of the season for Team Schwabentruck. And, to reach this fourth place position, I had to fight harder than ever before. There has never been so many drivers in the field who have been able to constantly keep up with the front runners and clinch individual victories. That’s why the team and I are pretty happy with the past season.

What was the highlight of the season?

That would have to be the Hungaroring in Hungary for me, because, on that weekend, things went really well. Already in qualifying, I was at the front. Also, in the race, I finished second – just behind Jochen Hahn. On both days, everything was just perfect.

What could have gone better this season?

It was annoying that, due to the thunderstorm and the heavy rain in Most (Czech Republic), the entire Sunday fell flat and the races had to be cancelled. If a whole race day is missing (which means two races for the season classification), then that means two chances are also missed.

At the Nürburgring, I received two over-speed penalties this time, which unfortunately threw me back in the field from a good position at the front. And then there was a breakdown right at the start of the season at Misano. There were two tyres not approved by the FIA mounted on my race truck and I had to start in last place.

But these were mainly minor handicaps. The rest worked out well: there were no technical defects and I could rely completely on the guys from Team Schwabentruck.

Are you motivated by the many guests from all over the world and by the more than 100 customers that febi has brought to the races again this year?

That is, of course, a nice feeling to be cheered on and to be celebrated with success. And for me, that means other conversations than always with the mechanics (laughs).

How did the febi brake discs and wheel nuts perform in everyday racing?

Excellent, like last season – which was my first for Team Schwabentruck – as well!

What are you planning for the coming season?

Third place, that’s for sure! In the drivers’ standings, I’d like to be able to constantly make it through the season again. Team Schwabentruck Racing, with the support of its proven partner, febi, will start the 2020 season under new leadership.

In addition, we will be starting together with Hahn Racing again as “Die Bullen von Iveco Magirus” in the team championship. For me as a driver, this offers me the advantage of being able to draw on the technical expertise of a professional truck racer and his racing team. This safety together with the existing top team of Schwabentruck makes me feel 150 percent ready for the next season.


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