Gelsenkirchen: Red febi Logo in “Green” Building

This is how green the planned bilstein group logistics centre will be.

In the future, customers of the bilstein group will receive their febi products not only from Ennepetal, but also from Gelsenkirchen. An additional, large logistics centre for the replacement parts specialist is currently being built here. In addition to the optimal supply distribution to wholesalers and workshops, the focus will also be on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Because the red febi brand will soon be available from a “green” building.

A solar energy system will be built on the roof of the logistics centre in Gelsenkirchen. It is approximately 6,000 square metres in size and has 2,200 photovoltaic modules. This can produce more than 600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This corresponds to the electricity needs of about 200 households.

15,000 Square Metres of Green Rooftop

The green roof is currently being created on this area.

In addition to the solar energy system, two halls and the main entrance will be equipped with a green roof. First, a substrate will be applied to an area of around 15,000 square metres, which will later form the breeding ground for a wide variety of plants. Not only environmental aspects play a role here: among other things, the green roof helps to reduce the negative effects of heavy rainfall.

Building insulation plays an important role in energy efficiency. Thanks to modern building materials, the KfW standard 55 is achieved – which is rather rare in industry. The logistics centre will therefore consume around 45 percent less energy than a comparable new building without efficiency measures. In addition, there is lighting that is completely geared towards energy-saving LED and a greenery concept that, among other things, provides for 190 trees on the entire property – including various maple and linden varieties.

A Home for the Natterjack Toad

The blueprint shows the future area for the solar installation (left).

The four-legged inhabitants of the construction site in Bulmke-Hüllen are a real attraction: Since the area adjoins various green spaces, the natterjack toad has found a home there. It has already lost many of its original habitats and is officially considered “strictly protected” in Germany. For this reason, the bilstein group is obliged to have various so-called wetland sinks established on the property. They serve as spawning grounds for the natterjack toad.