Logistics Centre in Gelsenkirchen Growing Rapidly

The high-bay warehouse is the heart of the future logistics centre.

Like high-wire artists, the workers move on the steel struts. They are on the move at heights of up to 30 meters while assembling the huge shelving and other components. These structures will eventually house thousands of febi, Blue Print, and SWAG replacement parts; this is because the new logistics centre is being built here on Europastrasse in Gelsenkirchen – built by the bilstein group from Ennepetal.

In November of 2019, the managing directors of the family-owned company celebrated the official start of construction. Since then, the buildings have developed rapidly: Where at the beginning there was still a wasteland to be seen, there are now seven halls, many of them already covered.

1,000 Tons of Steel for a Shelf

The heart of the logistics centre is the high-bay warehouse, where construction workers are currently working at dizzying heights. Its future dimensions become clear when looking at the base plate: 1,000 tons of steel were used here alone. In spring, 20 trucks per hour arrived at times to deliver the required concrete. In order to receive such a quantity of the building material at the same time, five concrete plants throughout Germany were commissioned.

So far, the construction site is well on schedule. Even the Corona pandemic has not delayed the work. The pictures show the current development status of the logistics centre in summer of 2020: