The Opportunity of Brexit: bilstein group Invests in England

The bilstein group logistics centre opened in England in 2018.

Since June 23rd, 2016, Brexit has been a permanent feature in the news. At the time, a narrow majority of British voters opted to leave the EU. The effects were and are far-reaching – especially for companies with such close economic ties to the United Kingdom – including the bilstein group with its febi brand.

While some competitors withdrew from the British market after the referendum, the bilstein group is still present. The company saw Brexit as an opportunity and invested in the region and in the supply processes for its customers.

More Than 2,200 Packages Per Day                              

View of the logistics centre

In 2018, a 19,000 square metre logistics centre was opened in Markham Vale which is located in the heart of England. More than 50,000 different replacement parts are currently stored there – which is conveniently near major cities of Sheffield and Nottingham – and are shipped daily to all corners of the United Kingdom. On peak days, this means that more than 2,200 parcels and over 800 dispatch modules are picked.

Sophisticated Storage Technology

This requires sophisticated storage technology, which is provided in England (as is the case in Ennepetal, Germany) by the logistics specialist, Witron. The raw numbers alone are impressive: The automated warehouse has over 215,000 container storage locations spread over twelve aisles that stretch metres high. There is also a pallet warehouse with more than 10,000 storage locations.

This means that the bilstein group is well positioned when Great Britain finally leaves the EU. But when the time comes will still be in the stars in 2019.

The fully automated, high-bay warehouse from Witron


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