Coronavirus and Calendar Production: No febi Workshop Calendar for 2021

Photo shoot for the calender 2020
Photo shoot for the calender 2020

Iceland, South Africa, USA: every year, the febi workshop calendar is created in a country with spectacular motifs. This is one of the reasons why the calendars, which were sent exclusively to febi customers and independent workshops worldwide each year, differed significantly from comparable works.

This year would have been the 20th edition. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, work on this anniversary edition was halted earlier this year in March. Since the situation worldwide is still unpredictable, the bilstein group has decided to not produce and publish a calendar for the year 2021.

Safety is Top-Priority

“The decision was not easy for us. After all, the calendar is extremely popular. However, the last few months have shown us that conditions can change very quickly. We do not want to expose anyone on the production team to such a risk,” explains managing director, Karsten Schüßler-Bilstein. “Therefore, a 20th edition of the febi workshop calendar will not be available for the time being.”

Furthermore, the search for alternatives did not lead to any satisfactory results. For example, a best-of would not be feasible due to expired picture rights, some of which are years old.